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Hearts At Home Masterpost

A series of stories chronicling the intertwined lives of Father John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

1. You've Begun To Feel Like Home

Sherlock Holmes is everything Father John Watson should probably disapprove of. He's an atheist, a rationalist, an addict, and gay. But none of those things is enough to stop him from being the most fascinating person John's ever met.

// Words: ~ 24,600 (9 chapters) // Rating: Mature (R) // Warnings: mention of child abuse, drug abuse, religious issues, sexuality issues, angst //

2. Where Hearts Are Sure

It was like a dream, having John here with him.

// Words: ~ 3000 // Rating: Mature (R) // Warnings: None //

3. Too Close To Home

Their latest case is too close for John's comfort.

// Words: ~ 11,500 (5 chapters) // Rating: Mature (R) // Warnings: non-graphic violence, homophobia //

4. Hearts Under Fire

Sherlock and John come under fire as Moriarty makes good on his threat to burn the heart out of Sherlock.

// Words: ~ 9,600 (5 chapters) // Rating: Teen // Warnings: character death, angst, (false) suggestions of child abuse //

5. A Terrible Price For Freedom

Everything had been building up to this point, this moment right here. The stairs up to the roof loomed large in front of him, but nothing would stop Sherlock now.

// Words: 1,450 // Rating: Teen // Warnings: character death, angst //

6. What Becomes (Of The Brokenhearted)

Half a world apart, John and Sherlock deal with the pain of missing each other.

// Words: ~ 1000 // Rating: Teen // Warnings: angst, presumed character death //

7. A Friend In Need

Father Lawrence can do nothing but watch as his friend suffers in silence.

// Words: 2,350 // Rating: Gen // Warnings: angst //

8. Coming Home

Sherlock is home, but can John forgive him for what he's done?

//Words: ~ 20,600 // Rating: Mature // Warnings: minor character death, depictions of violence, angst //

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